We will be the music guests at Ad Astra this July, and we are pinching ourselves because Tanya Huff will be the author GoH. Wow!

The Stone Dragons are delighted to be the Canadian Guest of Honour at FilKONtario 2020! Please come and visit our beautiful home convention, where we will have a rollicking good time!

Tom and Sue in Germany

We have performed in Germany, England, and the U.S.; at Anticipation, Balticon, ConChord, Confluence, Confusion, Duckon, FKO, ManorCon, MuseCon, OVFF, SFContario, and at the Bhigg House in Winnipeg where we opened for Heather Dale.

Our home, The Stone Dragon Inn, has hosted and will continue to host friends from around the world. A comfortable spare room with a good bed waits for our next guest.


Sue Posteraro met Tom Jeffers one night in a filk circle, and fell madly in love with him. Several years later she caught him. Shortly after that, Tom moved to Toronto and convinced her to form a filk duo. Now they are living happily ever after.

If you have any questions for us, please email at Sue@StoneDragons.ca. We may even update this section if anyone asks questions.


Sue has many fine features, and is wise and kind, loving and gentle, trustworthy, and in case you hadn't noticed, manages this web site.

Sue has been singing since she could talk, but only came into filking in 2003, when she wandered into a filk circle and never wanted to leave. Her confidence has grown since she started taking lessons and singing with Tom. Now she is writing songs and learning to play her guitar.

Sue has two daughters and four grandchildren who often attend house filks in the Toronto area. Yay more filkers!


Tom was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame and has won a Pegasus for Best Performer as part of Dandelion Wine.

He also won the first FAN FILK Aurora Award for the DW CD The Face on Mars.

Tom is just the cutest thing since puppies and kittens. Did I mention that Sue does the web site?

Tom spent over twenty years as a member of Dandelion Wine, and has travelled to conventions all over North America, as well as England and Germany. He primarily plays a 12-string guitar, but also has been heard to play mandolin, cittern, banjo, dulcimer, bass, loude, electric guitar, electric bass, bohdran, accordion and penny whistle.  He's played on many other filkers' CDs, including Amy McNally's "Dangerous Fiddle", Erica Neely's "Hello Stranger" and Phillip Mills' "Rain on the Sand". You can hear some of his music on FilkArchive, or on the three DW CDs, "Circles in the Grain", "Cheap Hooch" and "The Face on Mars".


Photo: Tom tuning Gundo's Rickenbacher


Email us at sue@stonedragons.ca