Do you wonder why Tom is forbidden from buying any more instruments? Have a look here to find out. P.S. I have been remarkably unsuccessful at this prohibition.

A Breedlove 6-string

Tom decided he needed a six string guitar (April 2019). Ok, he has some almost valid reasons. Anyway, here it is, and isn't it pretty? I think it is tuned to standard tuning. But probably not for long!


A Concertina

In a rather remarkable change for Tom, he bought himself an instrument with no strings attached, a concertina, while visiting England. We have Annie to thank for introducing Tom to a friend of hers who happened to have one for sale. Gee thanks, Annie. (2016)

Tom's concertina

The Danelectric Monster

Continuing in his search for the guitar with the most strings, Tom (Oct 2013) bought himself a 19-string electric beastie. This beats out his previous 18-string double-neck. It's much smaller and lighter, but it probably won't travel far, as it needs an amp. You'll have to come and visit it at our house!

Sitar Harp Guitar

Baritone 8-string

This one was traded in on his latest love, a Breedlove 6-string. I was sad to see it go, but Tom dearly loves his newest baby, so I guess it's OK.

Larrivee Parlor Guitar

Surprise! This is not one of Tom's guitars - it belongs to Sue! She couldn't resist it; not only is it stunningly beautiful with its quilted mahogany top, back and sides, and its lovely voice that sounds so well with hers, but it is very like the guitar on the Internation Space Station that Commander Chris Hadfield plays. Check out his video on YouTube singing Moondance from the cupola of the space station!

Double Neck

Tom recently ordered a Washburn double-neck guitar and he's been playing it ever since. While it hasn't replace the 12-string, since he won't take it on an airplane, Tom absolutely loves his new guitar. He has the 12-string neck tuned DADGAD and the 6-string neck in regular tuning (or occasionally in drop D) and whatever he plays, he often gives the other neck a strum to add some droning. Come to FKO if you want to see it, and send Tom a note to tell him to be sure to bring it to the con!

Tom and his double-neck guitar

12 String

Tom's 12 string is a Larivee that he bought used in Minneapolis at the Podium. Since then he has had compliments on it from nearly everyone who has touched it, including all the staff at Long and McQuades, where he took it to have a pickup installed. It's his baby, and he calls it Larry.

Photo: Tom's 12 string

Tom's mandolinMandolin

A Samick mandolin, style Kentucky. "I found this in a used guitar shop in Winnipeg and fell in love with it. You can hear it on Erica's Hello Stranger, Phil Mill's Rain on the Sand, and I take it with me almost everywhere I go because it's small, easy to carry, and it is perfect for jamming with other people."

It's fun to watch people introduce their newest song, and then see their surprise to find Tom gently playing backup harmonies on his mandolin!



Resonator Guitar

A Gibson Epiphone. Tom picked this up for a song and a dance because it had a slight ding on the back edge. He named it Seabiscuit! He always wanted to play a resonator guitar, and has experimented with tunings. Blind Lemming Chiffon and Tom did a guitar workshop together at Anticipation, and you can hear this on Phil Mill's CD Rain on the Sand on the song Melkor's Blues.



Cittern by Peter Cox


Shortly after Tom moved to Toronto, and Sue found out exactly how many instruments he owned and forbade bringing home any more, Sue bought him this one for his birthday. Love will do strange things!

Tom's Loude

Electric Bass

Tom often uses this when he is recording. You can hear it on DW's The Face on Mars CD, and he's doing tracks for a number of other filk CD's currently in the works.

Paul McCartney Bass

Ever since he was a young boy... he's loved the Beatles. Now he has his own Paul McCartney guitar, and no, it isn't left-handed.

Tom with his Paul McCartney bass guitar


Electric Guitar

This is an Airline Map guitar. Tom loves the sweet rocking sound of it!

Tom playing his Airline Map guitar


This monstrosity is the bastard child of a guitar and a banjo. It has six strings and the resonating part of a banjo. Tom can play anything on it including things that should never ever be played on a banjo. Ouch!

Tom's Ganjo


Button Accordion





Conga Drums

Photo of conga drums

Oh yes, these were on sale at L&M not far from here. So they had to come home with Mr. Jeffers. He intends to "use them for recording". Uh huh, sure.

...and never mind his iPhone apps. They don't count.