Photo: Stone Dragons at AnticipationWe perform a number of original songs, as well as music we have gathered from other filkers. We also perform a number of traditional and modern folk songs. Eventually we hope to have lyrics and samples added to the web site. In the meantime, two of our songs are up on Filkarchive. Here is a list of some of the songs we often perform.


Original Songs

April's Lament - a follower to Phil Mills' Frozen April

The Big One - Tom wrote this for his favourite show "Meteorite Men"

Board and Twine - Tom's follower to his own Circles in the Grain

Cape Breton's Shores - A song Tom wrote after our vacation in Nova Scotia

The Castle - Tom wrote this one for FAWM

Chopped - A song about the TV cooking show where Tom's imagination runs away with him

Chosen - based on the Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold

Circles in the Grain - Title track to the Dandelion Wine CD

Counting Stars - Imagine staring up at the night sky

Dandelion Wine - based on the book by Ray Bradbury

Fable - This is based on the XBox game of the same name.

The Face on Mars - the song that brought us together

Filk Hoggin' - to the tune of Free Falling. Let this be a lesson...

Gone Filkin' - Tom's classic!

GPS Queen - a parody ttto Roller Derby Queen.

Green Mars - Tom's songwriting contest entry

The Kid and the Dog - a poem by Norma McPhee set to music

Lady of the Sea - Tom's favourite

Little Country - based on the book by Charles de Lint

Long Night - a love song with a dark side

Our Fair City - based on Heinlein's short story

Out in the Darkness - a "stealth" Farscape song

Shepherd Moon - a song based on a photo on NASA's APOD, and here's a recent photo. Our friend Sally created a Flash video of the song for us! Just click on the link and when you get there, click on the Animations tab, then click Play Animation to watch the video and hear the song. Yay Sally! Sally's Web Site.

Simple Words - a love song

Spellbound - an original song about a girl who is unhappy with her life.

The Stone Dragons - where have all the dragons gone?

Tech Support - based on Tom's need for computer support, and Sue's desire to run away. This one won a Sam Award in England!

Train of Thought - based on Tom's childhood growing up in train stations

Cover Songs

Bad Moon Rising (CCR)

Broken Glass (David Francey)

Can You Knit (Talis Kimberley)

Chastity Belt (trad)

Circle (Harry Chapin)

Code Monkey (Jonathan Coulton)

Come to Mordor (Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff)

Daffodil the Highway Fairy (Thesilee of Lord Landless)

Decadent Dave's Guitar (Sam Baardman)

Donut Life (James Gordon)

Golden Eyes (Julia Ecklar)

Gypsy Sock (James Gordon)

The Humline Song (James Gordon)

I'm a Believer (Neil Diamond)

I'm Your Moon (Jonathan Coulton)

Level One (Scott Snyder)

Li'l Red Riding Hood (Ronald Blackwell)

Mars (Stewart Fay)

Medusa (Eileen McGann)

Merlin (Doug McArthur's eerie take on the legend)

MoonShadow (Cat Stevens)

Morning Train (David Francey)

Old and Mouldies - (Kate Ferris)

On Broadway (George Benson and the Drifters)

One Small Boat (Marilisa)

Orion (James Keelaghan)

Rabble (Kevin Brixius)

Red Winged Blackbird (David Francey)

Run Diggy Diggy (Sam Baardman)

Secrets (Scott Snyder)

Skullcrusher Mountain (Jonathan Coulton)

Small Mended Corners (Talis Kimberley)

Solar Flare (Sam Baardman)

Storm Dancing (Tom Smith)

Tea at Four (Phil Mills)

Tiny Stars (Craig Werth)

Tom's Cross (Talis Kimberley)

Tune Cooties (James Gordon)

Tonight in my Dreams (David Francey)

Walk on the Moon (Great Big Sea)

Watching One Another (Phil Mills)

We're Canadians, and We're Sorry (James Gordon)

The Wild Goose (trad)

You Ain't Goin Nowhere (Bob Dillan)

Children's Songs

Alligator in the House (Betsey Tinney)

Belly Button (Connie Kaldor)

Donkey Ridin'

If you Love a Hippopotamus (Connie Kaldor)

Garden Song (Dave Mallet)

Hockey Monkey Song

The Log Drivers' Waltz

Pollwog in a Bog

Seed in the Ground (Connie Kaldor)

Waltzing With Bears