December 2012Photo: Tipper

Our beautiful little girl Kaypo has a younger sister. Her name is Tipper, carrying on the musical theme. She is a rescue dog, and she has a bad leg, due either to birth defect or mistreatment, we do not know which. This picture of her was taken at her foster home, before we took the scissors to her. She badly needed grooming! She's still shy around strangers, but loves to be cuddled and plays well with her big sister Kaypo. They sit in the window together and bark at the mailman.

December 2011Photo of Kaypo looking out the new bay window

Our little dog loves the new house! She rings the bells at the back door when she wants to go out, but now that it's winter she just looks outside when I open the door, and decides she'd rather stay in and use her puppy pad. At least she uses the puppy pad!

She doesn't chew as many things as she used to, but one of her favourite games is running off with something she shouldn't have, just so we will chase her. Socks, her brush, cardboard toilet paper rolls, and pens are some of her favourite treats. So, I guess, she's still a brat!

Feb 2011

The puppy is now an adolescent. She's a brat. We're taking her to obedience lessons at the first opportunity! Kaypo chews everything she can find, including guitar picks, a credit card, my glasses, and her favourite toilet paper! We keep the doors closed, but she sneaks in every chance she get. She's still cute and adorable, but she's also a teenager in puppy years, and we all know how wicked teenagers can be! Here she is playing her Daddy's newest guitar!

Kaypo plays guitar

November 2010

Tom and I recently brought home a new puppy.

Picking up the puppy

Here we are at the breeders. They gave us a big bag of goodies for her, including toys, food and instructions for her care. In the picture you can see a little yellow blanket that had her mommie's scent on it, to help her feel comfortable in her new home.

Tom and KaypoYou can see that Tom is smitten! He picks her up first thing in the morning (and then is suprised when she "leaked" on him)! I laughed! I'm the one who gets to wash her face and brush her every day. But I also give her lots of love and cuddles.



Kaypo wearing Judith's sweater

Judith Hayman knitted Kaypo a nice little forest green sweater, and it fits perfectly. It only looks small because the puppy is so fluffy. But I have to admit she looks cute in her new sweater. We took her out to the pet store - we wanted her to feel comfortable and happy in the car - and bought her a new squeaky bone, which she loves because she can carry it wherever she goes.

We wanted to see how she'd get along with the rest of the family, so we invited them all over. There were ten of us in our tiny condo, all trying to play with the puppy at the same time. So how did she do? The kids loved her, and she loved them all back. Until she got tired, and then she just went to sleep in the middle of the noise!

Caitling loving up the pup

Riley cornered by the puppy

Kaypo chasing toes again